Affinity in October: Easier user account creation, housing group care alerts, and more…

Affinity in October: Easier user account creation, housing group care alerts, and more…

Here are some of the highlights of features, improvements, and bug fixes we shipped in October.

Enhanced user account generation

Previously when generating a user account an admin would have to set a password for the new user. They would then have to send this password to the new user external to the application. This was a security risk as the password could be intercepted or easily leaked to a third party. Going forward when an admin creates a new account they simply specify the new user’s email address, name and role. An activation link is then sent to the new user which when clicked allows the new user to set their own password. As with any good password policy only that user should know their password.

Housing group care alerts

It is now possible to add a care alert at the housing group level in addition to the property level. When a care alert is set at the housing group level it will also display on the property view of any properties associated with that housing group. This is useful to specify the same alerts across multiple properties. If a property has its own care alert set this will also appear on that property view in addition to any care alert at the housing group level.

Specify tenants when sending circulars

When sending tenant circulars users may not always want to send to all tenants in a particular housing group. We have introduced the ability for users to now specify which tenants they wish to generate tenant circulars for when sending to a selected housing group. By default, all tenants will be selected, but users will have the ability to unselect tenants from the circular distribution.


For full details of all updates each month, check out the Release Notes section of the Affinity product helpdesk.


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