Affinity in August: Missing BER reports, Housing Officer Analysis reports, and more…

Affinity in August: Missing BER reports, Housing Officer Analysis reports, and more…

Here are some of the highlights of features, improvements, and bug fixes we shipped in August.

Report to highlight missing BER details

If a property does not have a Building Energy Rating stored this can now be highlighted in an alert report, along with other properties missing this data. Where BER details are available, these have now been added to the export.

Service Manager and Project Leader fields

It is now possible to store contact names for Service Managers and Project Leaders against properties.

Housing Officer Analysis report updates

The Housing Officer Analysis report has been updated to include figures for new let properties (unoccupied) and mesne rates units.

Additional fields added to exports

Several export files have been updated to include new fields. The Housing Group ID, Housing Group, Property ID and Property References have been added to the Tenancy Charges and Tenancy Charge Receipts exports. Void report exports (New Lets and Re-lets) have also been expanded to include Housing Group and Housing Group References. 

Signatures on work order emails

Email signatures are now included in work order quote request and assignment emails sent to suppliers.

Store purchase orders against work orders

Purchase orders may now be stored against work orders for easy reference, and this field is also searchable via the global search facility.


For full details of all updates each month, check out the Release Notes section of the Affinity product helpdesk.


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