Social housing management software

Developed from a deep understanding of the Irish social housing sector

There’s only one software platform for housing associations that supports your relationship with the regulator, and it’ll save you time, make your life easier and have your team wondering how they ever managed without it.

Introducing Affinity, the ONLY property management solution designed specifically to support the operational, management and regulatory needs of the Irish Social Housing Sector.

The social housing sector is changing fast, increased regulation means that many housing associations have a choice to make; either they change the way they work to make sure that all of the right boxes are ticked for the regulator, OR they just keep doing what they’ve been doing for years, and hope nobody notices that they’re not compliant.

There is a better option.

Affinity is a secure, cloud-based property management system designed for the Irish social housing sector, and already used by housing associations of all sizes - from the largest to the very smallest.

“We’ve got about 30 housing staff across four different offices in Ireland, and we all use Affinity every day, it’s incredibly user friendly.”

Alison O’Gorman, Housing Director, Tuath Housing
Alison O’Gorman
Housing Director
Tuath Housing

Most housing associations ‘make do’ with software solutions that have been cobbled together over the years, creating work-arounds where they need to, knowing that they’re not exactly working smart, but always being too busy to even consider starting again from scratch.

With Affinity, you’ve found a social housing management system that’s been designed and developed from the ground up with a single focus - making life easier for the Irish social housing sector.

Oh, and implementing the system couldn’t be easier, it’s a doddle.

“Affinity provides an excellent solution for housing software that is great value for money, it’s flexible, the support is excellent and it’s easy to implement.”

Aisling Gilroy, Finance Department, Fold Ireland
Aisling Gilroy
Finance Department
Fold Ireland

Why Choose Affinity?

There are already scores of housing associations across the Irish Republic using our software. Here are some of the reasons why they choose to work with us...


All associations have a duty to make sure that they tick all of the right boxes for the regulator, but if you’re using software that’s not industry-specific then it’s often impossible.

Affinity really is the only platform that enables you to ensure that you’re legally and regulatory compliant, and the associations that work with us love the fact that when regulations change, Affinity changes with them, keeping you firmly on the right side of the law at all times.

Ensure regulatory
compliance with
Affinity’s suite of
property and tenant
management features.


Time is the one thing that all housing associations wish they had more of, and by implementing Affinity in your organisation you can make that wish come true.

Property maintenance is one area that traditionally eats a lot of time, but Affinity makes it easy. Imagine a streamlined process where you could easily get quotes from multiple suppliers and track your costs – all in the same place. Your metrics and KPIs available to you at the click of a button so you can see what’s happened and what’s happening.

Rent assessments is another time-gobbler. One association we work with was able to do 40 rent assessments each week using their ‘old’ solution, with Affinity now in place they’re easily able to do 60 assessments PER DAY.

Residential Tenancy Board Registrations is another example of an Affinity time-saver, our system can do all of your registrations at the push of a button, generating you a simple export that you can present to the RTB.

Save time and
prevent headaches
with Affinity’s rent
assessment feature.


Our platform gives you the tools to easily manage every aspect of your tenant relationships, from keeping on top of rent arrears with our one-click arrears analysis reports through to streamlining your tenant communication, including sending statements and bulk SMS messages to all tenants. All quickly and simply.

Affinity has a built-in mechanism to track both complaints from tenants AND complaints about tenants, and it’ll really help you to control and minimise voids much more effectively - which is exactly what the regulator wants you to do.

Provide your tenants
with simple to
understand and
concise tenant


Because we’ve designed Affinity specifically for the Irish social housing sector, we know exactly what data you’re going to be working with, how you’re going to want to look at that data and which reports you’re going to want to run.

That’s why our customers find Affinity so simple
to use – it’s doing what it was meant to do.

Once you’re using Affinity you’ll be able to generate ‘one-click’ reports for your board, or for the regulator, just by clicking on a piece of data. No more time wasted cross-referencing across 20 different spreadsheets.

Save time and
prevent headaches
with Affinity’s rent
assessment feature.


Every housing association holds a huge amount of data, it’s part of the job, but at a time when people are more and more concerned about who’s storing their data and who’s got access to it, it’s an increasing responsibility.

Affinity has been developed to protect the data you hold, and ensure that the people who need to see it can always access it when they need to, and nobody else can get their hands on it. Your IT team will love Affinity – everything is based in the cloud, so there’s no server for them to look after, and no backups for them to worry about either, it all happens automatically.

Because Affinity is cloud-based, your data is accessible on any device, anytime, anywhere. Your finance team will use Affinity on their computers in the office, and your housing officers will be able to access the same information in real time while they’re on site, using a tablet or even their mobile phone.

Access your data
from any place
at any time.

Everyone has their own logins to the system, so you can control who has access to which data, and every action is recorded, so there’s a complete audit trail of who did what when, not like with spreadsheets.

With all of your information stored in the same place, you create what we call an ‘organisational memory’, you’ll never need to get urgent access to someone’s computer because the file you need is saved on their desktop.

Affinity makes the management of data so much easier, and secure.


It couldn’t be easier to move your organisation over to Affinity.

Our team will work with you to get all of your data moved over from whatever systems you’re using right now, into Affinity, so you won’t spend weeks using multiple systems.

We’ll train your team, so they’ve got the confidence and knowledge they’ll need to start using Affinity straight away, and we’ll continue to support them as they need us.

There’s no big start up cost, and no contract either. You could be up and running within a few weeks.

“I can’t see why any housing body wouldn’t use this system. It’s just so simple.”

Terri Palmer Sammon
Rental and Tenancy Administrator
Focus Ireland

What Does Affinity Cost?

As you’d expect, our platform is priced differently for each housing association tier:

Tier 1 AHBs


€250 setup fee

What's Included?

  • 10 property units
  • Unlimited users


  • €10/month per 5 units

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Tier 2 AHBs


€500 setup fee

What's Included?

  • 50 property units
  • Unlimited users


  • €10/month per 10 units

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Tier 3 AHBs


€1000 setup fee

What's Included?

  • 350 property units
  • Unlimited users


  • €50/month per 100 units

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Our pricing is straightforward and transparent – there are no surprises.

Whatever size your association is right now, Affinity will be the best value platform you could use, and we’re committed to supporting your team as you grow.

The next step is to schedule a conversation about Affinity and a bespoke demo of the platform.

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Our Customers

Join scores of housing associations across the Irish Republic who use our software.

Tuath Housing Galway Simon Tinteán Housing Carlow, a not For profit Company. Helping to Build Homes For People Apartments and housing for the elderly in Ireland
Focus Ireland works with people who are homeless or are at risk of losing their homes across Ireland HAIL is a specialist housing association providing quality housing and individually tailored support services Voluntary Housing Support Services Sophia - Supporting people to recover from the trauma of homelessness

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