Affinity in March: Export statement entries, enhanced void management, rent policy updates and more…

Affinity in March: Export statement entries, enhanced void management, rent policy updates and more…

Here are some of the highlights of features, improvements, and bug fixes we shipped in April.

Export statement entries

Tenant statements have now been enhanced so statements entries for the defined period can be exported to a CSV file. This feature was a request from several of our users so that they can run further analysis on the statement entries. This is a powerful feature that allows anyone to quickly open the statement entries in Microsoft Excel and use the power of Excel to run more customised reports.

Enhanced void management

With this update we have enhanced voids to improve data entry and ultimately the quality and accuracy of the void reports. Voids are a hot topic for AHB’s with enhanced regulation either in play for some or coming into effect for others. When defining non-standard voids (nomination, structural and technical) users must now close of the previous void before adding a new one. Additionally, void periods cannot overlap non can a non-stanard void be added if an active tenancy exists on the property.

Rent policy updates

One of the most powerful features in Affinity is the ability to perform rent assessments based on the rent policies as defined by local authorities. With each local authority having its own policy based on different criteria, Affinity makes it a breeze to perform rent assessments for tenants in any local authority area. With this in mind we updated the algorithms associated with the Galway City Council and Limerick City & County Council policies after they made amendments to their respective policies for the coming year.


For full details of all updates each month, check out the Release Notes section of the Affinity product helpdesk.


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