RTB Renewal Registrations

RTB Renewal Registrations

Change, the one thing everyone says is constant. Even the clocks are at it this month… It keeps us on our toes. If you’re anything like me, then lockdown was populated with a slightly patience-straining number of board games, that dreaded Monopoly box always seemed to make an appearance. Despite the numerous but necessary arguments, the game got me thinking. For a game seemingly based on the real world it hasn’t changed very much, has it? Almost 100 years old and still, it is the same game we love to loath. This year in particular has made us all experts in change management. Maybe some people are a little too good and are dreading socialisation but it has highlighted just how much things can change.

Change can be useful, change can be unnecessary and change can be costly, though it happens all the same. One thing that is changing now is the RTB renewals project, maybe not as exciting as a game of Monopoly but it is important. On the 1st of June the RTB will close its renewal project and any AHB with tenancies not registered will incur late fees. At the time of writing, a large number of AHBs are set to be hit with a number of fees and run the risk of their tenancies becoming illegal.

There might be an easier way, imagine there was a piece of software that could do it for you? Even better, a homegrown Irish software. Well what do you know, you’ve come to the right place. Our Affinity software has grown from change. As the social housing sector in Ireland grows and changes so do we. Now our system comes equipped with a brand new RTB tab, see below.




No more headache of wondering when your registration is due and definitely no more late fees.  You can see your historic registrations all in one place and say goodbye to the panic of realising you aren’t compliant. Not only can you see the active registrations but all historic ones associated with the tenancy. After all, who needs more headaches, especially these days.

We’ll not promise to help you get all the changes in your life under control but we’re pretty sure we can help when it comes to social housing and RTB related change.

This feature was rolled out last month and perfectly represents how we keep up with the change happening within the sector. You can read about the update in our product news, here.

Or do you need more information about the RTB renewal project? You can find some info here.




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