Using lockdown to get ahead in social housing

Using lockdown to get ahead in social housing

2020…. Thank god that’s over! For the past few months 2021 has been built up to be the saving grace, the light at the end of the tunnel and the end of all the 2020 associated madness. Though, already we are 11 days in, the US has descended into anarchy and coronavirus is still a thing… This is not the year we were promised!

If one positive could be taken from 2020, it is that in our anguish, we have developed a very forward looking approach to life. Now, you may classify that as a coping mechanism, and granted, you may be right but why be so negative? Whatever way you want to put it, this new outlook can be harnessed for good. By looking forward and planning for the future, we can organise ourselves today and accomplish exactly what we set out to do tomorrow.

At the risk of sounding like everyone on your LinkedIn feed, that preached how brilliant and motivated they were while the rest of us binged Netflix, did the odd workout and made some semi-edible banana bread, the dawn of a new lockdown gives us the opportunity to plan ahead to make the easiest life for future us.

Now, in the world of social housing this planning may differ massively from reader to reader. From talking to housing officers, doing something as mundane as arranging for your ASB calls to happen within a single time slot can be a real game-changer. Having a number of these calls within a shorter timeframe is nicer than spreading them out across a day or a week. At a higher level, you may allocate a set part of each day to rent assessments so that they don’t take too much time away from other important aspects of your already crowded schedule. Another example would be using time that you’ve freed up from not having to commute to research and trial new processes, systems or software that can improve or even replace our old work processes. The way you go about it is up to you.

Only you know how to improve your life. The real message of this blog is to remind you to apply this new way of thinking to other aspects of your day-to-day. Plus, look at the bright-side, with this new lockdown you won’t have any of those pesky fun and enjoyable activities to distract you from all your work…

But really, in this negative and sometimes depressing world in which we find ourselves it is important to leverage whatever small nugget of positivity we can. Who knew that constantly thinking about how many cocktails you are going to consume on some far-away beach, once lockdowns are a thing of the past, could translate into a more thought-out work schedule. I guess this is 2021, folks…..


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