Affinity in June: Address autocomplete, reporting updates, email notifications and more…

Affinity in June: Address autocomplete, reporting updates, email notifications and more…

Here are some of the highlights of features, improvements, and bug fixes we shipped in June.

Address Autocomplete

When adding a property users now have the ability to autocomplete the property address details based on a lookup of the partial address or Eircode of the property. This helps to ensure the property address is entered efficiently and as accurately as possible ensuring the quality of the data being entered.

Reporting Updates

After feedback from clients the work orders reporting suite has been updated to include a new report to detail work orders which have not been actioned within the target response time. This is to help organisations ensure they are dealing with maintenance and repairs promptly and to assist with reporting to the regulator.

Email Notifications

When notes and documents are added to the tenant complaints and customer care areas an email will be sent to the housing officer informing them a new note or document has been added.

Tenant Engagement

A new feature has been added to the housing groups area to capture tenant engagement with local community events. The feature allows users to capture the recording of committee members contact details, documents and details of community events including photos.

Housing Group insurance details

Details of insurance policies, including cover start date and expiry date, can now be stored at a housing group / scheme level. A new alert report has been added to flag when such policies are nearing expiry.


For full details of all updates each month, check out the Release Notes section of the Affinity product helpdesk.


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