Affinity in July: Post-maintenance surveys, additional receipt details, and more….

Affinity in July: Post-maintenance surveys, additional receipt details, and more….

Here are some of the highlights of features, improvements, and bug fixes we shipped in July.

Capture tenant satisfaction for completed work orders

In order to comply with the Performance Standard as issued by the Regulation Office, specifically the management of contractor performance, the Work Order mechanism has been extended to survey a proportion of completed maintenance activities. This survey will measure items such contractor performance in areas such as timeliness and quality. By default the survey mechanism is disabled within an Affinity account, but you can contact us to enable this and specify what proportion of completed work orders you would like to survey, e.g. one in every two.

Additional detail when recording tenant receipts

Additional tenant information is now presented to the Affinity user when recording tenant / rent receipts. Details of the current charge schedules for the selected tenant, along with a more comprehensive description of any outstanding fees are now displayed. A new option has also been introduced to allow the generation of a tenant statement directly from the bank area.

Configurable Expiry Periods

To date, the default expiry date associated with each safety or block services check type has been set at twelve months. It is now possible within the Admin area of Affinity to define a default expiry period (in months) for each check type. As an example, the default expiry period for gas safety checks could be set to 12 months and that for electrical tests 120 months.


For full details of all updates each month, check out the Release Notes section of the Affinity product helpdesk.


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