A shared affinity for social housing

A shared affinity for social housing

Social housing budget

You would not be blamed for thinking that today’s world is bleak, depressing and downright miserable. We here at Affinity would in many cases agree, life’s simple pleasures are slowly being taken away from us, gone are the after work pints, the football matches even the dreaded family party seems somewhat enticing at the minute. Though, one positive which has brightened our outlook ever so slightly, is the announcement of the Irish 2021 budgetary plans. Now I know what you are thinking, how boring has your life become at the time of writing this? You find a budget announcement exciting, catch a grip?.. but stick with me.

I refer back to that brief mention of “life’s simple pleasures” and expand it to life’s simple rights. The right to a roof. The right to security and the availability of affordable housing. Seemingly obvious things that have taken a place on the bench in todays news headlines because of the virus that shall not be named. That is what has been outlined in yesterday’s budgetary announcement, an increase of 24% in governmental spending on housing. The increase brings the total spend on housing to €3.3 billion. This will translate to improved support for local authorities and Approved Housing Bodies to deliver 9,500 new build homes in 2021. Now if you don’t see the positive in that then maybe this is the wrong post for you.


Hopefully, if you’ve made it this far, like us you share a certain affinity for social housing in Ireland. So let me introduce “Affinity”, eh. The social housing software built specifically for the Irish sector. Now of course this announcement is excellent news and understand this, you don’t find yourself in this industry without a certain level of personal interest. Having worked with AHBs for years, we find that our focus has shifted from service delivery, to helping them to achieve their goals. By doing this we have formed close knit ties with the sector and the people within. We are also extremely aware of the issues they face and while the announcement is excellent, it may present challenges.

From the outset I’ve tried to remain positive, shifting your focus away from “the virus” (apart from there). So don’t say that I am being overly negative, because I assure you I’m not, Monday has passed… The challenges I am referring to are those relating to increased output. Now hopefully the funding will be spread to where it is needed and will not result in disproportionate pressure on workers. Though it is not foolish to suggest that it might. The increased output and therefore pressure will mean AHBs will need to improve internally, mainly improving their operational speed. By doing this they will not only make their lives easier but help in delivering life’s simple rights.

So where does our Affinity come in? Why are you writing this? Surely you don’t feel so strongly about a budgetary announcement that you sat down to write a blog, do you? Ok, I understand your questions and maybe I do feel that strongly, you don’t know how unexciting my life is at the minute… The truth is, I am writing this because it is my belief that Affinity can help AHBs like no other software can. No package is so uniquely tailored to the Irish sector and so in my eyes no software is better. The close ties we have formed with the sector means we don’t waste time on useless updates. Updates come about from meetings with you, the AHBs. No other software in the market can leverage the same responsiveness that we can, simply because no other company will talk to you as much. After all, we are only up the road.

Take for example our newest update and other features:

Multi-user access levels! Ok, sounds boring but it is a prime example of how we can and will grow with you. As many of our clients transitioned to working from home, the demands on our software changed. More and more AHBs needed to control who had access to this and who could change that. Not only was this a practical and managerial demand, but also one which would allow for a greater level of data protection.  Through some software engineering wizardry, our team of developers at Affinity worked around the clock to roll out the update. Having just revealed it to a number of Tier 3 clients the reception has been great! They continue to be delighted with their service as it is exactly what they need.

Other features have been designed with workload reduction in mind, take our differential rent calculator;


“One Dublin-based Approved Housing Body told us they used to take a week to process 40 rent assessments. With Affinity’s different rent calculator they can now do 40 per day!”


As output and pressure increases so does the monetary value of time. Using our tailored services will reduce pressure by giving you more time. Think what you could do with all that extra time! Be extra productive and soar past your output target or give you time for another bun on your tea break. All is possible with the right solutions! Who would have thought that using a particular software could result in more buns, I guess it’s just the world we find ourselves in…

For those who are some some reason still here, I will end it here. Remember that this is good news, the budget shows that the wider societal goals of providing everyone with life’s simple rights have not been forgotten. Though it might seem hard, we will get through this. Back to the pints and to the tea break buns, but until then stay safe!


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